School Reviews

Macfarland Middle School has all the structures and components to be an excellent school this year. The Principal is organized, excited, and has high expectations for both his staff and the students there. He has assembled a high quality team of teachers and instructional personnel that has been likened to the Avengers. MacFarland will be a school of high quality instruction that nourishes the whole child.

This school has what it takes- a dedicated staff, an inspirational principal, and a vision of success for it's students!

this school is very good.Have a good education for every student and all staff help all the student's the principal is interesting in all the student education.

I like this school because of the communication here of the teachers and principals. They also notify me with information, behavior and how my son is doing in school.

i like the school,and the teachers, tandien porque a mi me informan del conportamiento de mis hijas lo unico k no me justa cuando tienen k pagar un 1 dolar por no traer el uniforme porque siento k eyas cuando tienen k yevar el uniforme ya no quieren de ay todo me parese exelente ok grasias

Teachers are very good at keeping parents up to date on everything. I love the dedication that they have! This school has a great open door policy and loves for parents to pop in and see how things are going. Parents are encouraged to interact with teachers and staff on a regular basis and children are taught to love learning (something previously lost within dcps).

I enjoy working with the teachers and support staff here at MacFarland. I have witnessed the improvement over the past three (3) years, and appreciate the time and patience that the staff offer to all of the students and parents.

MacFarland Middle School is a great place to send your children to school!!! The principal is very invovled. The office staff is the great! The teachers are of high quality. It is a great partnership between parents and teachers.

Well, well, well...Macfarland is on the brink of returning to its essence in being the district's first and premier middle school. From the change in the building climate to aesthetics to the innovation and investment of the staff, we are rising. We are steadily working to increase our commitment to academics and community. Come join us and "be the change you wish to see" in our school and in our neighborhood. We dare you!

The performance of teachers, and the behavior of students is the product of a good administration. The principal is a person with human qualities, and above all a fair person. I feel welcomed, and appreciated working at MacFarland. The motto of the school is that children come first.