School Reviews

Amazing. Incredible academics and school culture. Amazing and dedicated instructors.

My experience has been and is expected to continually be rewarding for my student and myself.

Great school. Very family oriented. Love the IB program,

Archbishop Carroll has the most supportive academic staff I have come across. They avail themselves to the students. It is a family oriented atmosphere and the parents play a big role with the administration. They are receptive to our ideas. One the best academic decisions I have made for my son. He truly enjoys it.

Archbishop Carroll is a very wonderful school. You feel like you are with Family and that is one less thing that you have to worry about in this date and time. And the teachers take the one on one time with the child to work with them on any problems that they have

Archbishop Carroll is a co-educational institution founded on the principles of knowing, loving, and serving others. As far as student behavior and interaction goes, it is quite normal. It is very much your typical high school. We have our jocks, our nerds, our x, y, and z. However, I personally think that we have something a little extra that puts us over the edge. All of our students are willing to work for something they are passionate about. Our athletes work hard, our nerds work hard, and our x, y, and z all work hard to do the best that they are capable of. The level of support that we receive from our faculty is truly incredible. All of our teachers and faculty want to see us succeed in school and in life. This is apparent to me and I am sure it is obvious to all of my fellow students as well. However, I did not give Carroll that fifth star because, although it is an institution of hard workers, I feel we lack focus. We work our behinds off, but it is not as constructive as it could be. However, I know that if our faculty received this funding, they would find a way to use it wisely and to help the entire student body.

As a teacher at Archbishop Carroll I can attest to its greatness. Some might look at a school like ours and overlook its greatness, but to do so would be judging a book by it's cover. Archbishop Carroll provides more than just a great education, something that any school can provide. Archbishop Carroll restores hope to those students who may have given up on the prospects of happiness or success. An incredible support staff works with young people to help meet their potential. Who would value an education more, one who had to work for it, whose parent's sacrifice much for it or someone whose education was a given? As diamonds are born from the pressure of the earth our students earn their education by enduring the pressures of often extraordinary circumstance. It is a process that some individuals never learn until much later on in life. Perhaps Archbishop Carroll gives its students more than just a good education, support for the future and hope... perhaps it also imparts wisdom. With the students we are given, how could we do any less?

Archbishop Carroll High School is a school where you will always learn something new, meet charismatic people, and end up having a fun time. There are many pros as well as cons to this school, but as a student I highly recommend this school to anyone. Carroll may not be on top but, that doesn't mean it can't be. Archbishop Carroll is a medium-small sized high school with great teachers and students full of potential. We are a school where we help our community and care for each other. We will always have some "bad apples" among the population but with the right guidance and influence on each other we can all learn to cooperate. We are Carroll, where the teachers actually teach and some build strong connections to students, where rowdy fun loving students learn and commit themselves to their work and actually gain knowledge, and where the school as a whole build on themselves and create a great community.

Carroll has a history of greatness, but, in recent years had not gotten high praise. I was unsure of Carroll, but, it was my daughter's first choice. I am very pleased with the administration, teachers and school as a whole. The teachers are well educated with Master's and Doctorate degrees. They genuinely care about the students and go the extra mile to ensure the students are engaged in lectures. Carroll was a great choice for my family and we are happy to be a part of the CARROLL PRIDE!!! #ACHS

I have been very pleased with Carroll. The student to staff ratio is the best ever. The teachers are really compassionate and genuinely care about the students. The curriculum is competitive and ridged. WE ARE CARROLL