School Reviews

The teachers are very disrespectful towards the student body, which has led to hostile learning environment. I have seen many school, and this has the worst student-teacher dynamic out of all of them. I would only recommend this school to someone who is desperately in need of the unique things the school has to offer.

Parkmont is a school enjoyed by the children which they make a difference in their education too. So far I love this school the staff makes my child academically aware and if they have a problem the student knows how to find a solution to a problem and solve it. My daughter who btw is a honor roll student begged me to keep her here because of her friends and the structure she receives on a daily basis, the experience she learns while on her internships, and the awesome trips out in the real world they go on. Academically, if your child has came from DCPS they will have a challenge on their hands.There is more to be said about Parkmont but I'll be writing for days. Go visit the school and the welcoming staff will allow you to enter into their world.

Parkmont is an incredible place. I am on the admin staff, but I watch the teachers go above and beyond for their students daily. They re-engage students in learning and the small setting and consistency of the teaching staff from year to year builds true relationships that have positive results for the students.

It is a small size school and the students taken care of. Individuals needs are being monitored and fulfilled. Teachers are experienced and committed to take the students to success. It is middle and high school combined grades 6 to 12.

Let me start by saying... I really love this school. The staff is extremely great with the kids and my daughter love this school. After searching and searching for a great school for my 15 years old, my search is over. She is highly engage in her work and the teacher put a lot of efforts to see her excel. The principal is a sweetheart but will stand his ground if it is necessarily. I love the diversity of the school it like a big family. The kids get to explore different things. Parkmont can take a child who lacks the motivation and self esteem and turn them completely around to finally have motivations and confidents in themself. Parkmont has really exceeded our expectation.

Very good program that has the student involved in many project based activities. For example, the 6th graders wrote a fictional story (at least 8 pages) and produced a booklet with their own art work on the cover. They are create ceramics, engage in photography, and attend all types of field trips.

This is an exceptionally warm school, with excellent teachers and thoughtfully individualized curriculum. Great for kids who just aren't succeeding elsewhere, and need to get back on track.

Unfortunately we had a very disturbing experience at this school which erased an entire year of our adopted son's school career which he is now starting over at a new school.