School Reviews

Wonderful teaching and administrative staff, the school is extremely well-run. Small class sizes, so teachers really get to know the students. Challenging classical curriculum, difficult at first coming from DCPS but once my daughter adjusted she really started to soar -- she is constantly engaged and stimulated. Diversity of background and thinking is appreciated and encouraged. My comments are for the middle school.

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The school is great for those who seek classical education. Thats why I transfered my two kids to this school. They noticed the difference right away, struggled at the beginning, now they are excelling. The school also helped them to understand the concept of responsibility and be on time and on point. They have teachers available after school to help enforce what they learned in that day and if help in the home works is needed. The only concern is that the school is moving to a new neighborhood that is developing and I am not sure if the student's quality will change.

Latin is a terrific school, with dedicated, excited and inspiring teachers and leadership, and a strong culture of respect and support for all its students. it is a gem.

My two sons are thriving at the school. The teachers are caring and really instill a thirst for learning into their students. They give extra help when needed and provide lots of support. The leadership works as a team and they know each student by name and truly care for them. The academics are challenging and I feel my sons will be well prepared for high school. I can't wait for the new Rudolph building next school year.

I used to teach at WLPCS and now that I am back in DC and teaching at a fancy private school (WLPCS had no teacher turnover in my department) I can appreciate the quality of education provided at Latin. Students are pushed to live up to the mantra "eager to learn and willing to work." My connection with my students was such that, even though I no longer teach there -- something I am hoping to remedy -- I look forward to continue to support my former students in whatever way I can. I loved being in an environment where learning was supposed to be fun and kids were encouraged to see themselves as lifelong learners.

We sent our child here following her time at Eaton. ANd I must say I am impressed in every detail of the educational aspect of this school bar none. Teachers and course curriculm are great as is the involvement of the teachers and the class sizes. Only 2 areas that cause a lack of a perfect score. 1) Facilities. They could use a better building(s) for LOTS of things, and bad weather usually means no PE. 2) The administration tries very hard, but often seems to lack integrated and organized communication with parents.

It is now the end of the second qtr of our third year and I am still happy about my decision to have my daughter at WLPCS. I've kept my daughter here for the curriculum and I continue to be impressed with the content they are learning. IS the school perfect? Of course not, it still has room for improvement, but I do recommend the school every chance I get. I do believe that once the school has a permanent home that most of the issues will be resolved. The faculty (more teachers) is beyond what I could have ever hoped for and they care about the students.

I am of two minds about WLPCS. We took a leap of faith and joined the school during their 2nd year in operation along with other kids from our wonderful ES. Our first year was good, with minor bumps. Our second year has us wondering. Emails and communications go unanswered for weeks, with some teachers never returning a single call or email. The week before a scheduled standardized test week, the teachers crammed homework and tests to the point that the children didn't see the light of day. There is no support for struggling students transitioning from an elementary school environment to middle school (5th to 6th). No one noticed when a group of kids that always had high grades, all received low grades in one class which blindsided our parent group at report card time. We ll weigh our options at the end of this year.

this will be my fourth year at this wonderful school. the teachers are very dedicated to the students and have a private school curriculum. i've met great people there. we compete in sports against private schools which is awesome. we learn Latin and even though it's a dead language, we are bringing it back one student at a time! there are also great extra-curricular activities such as drama. we have so much fun and everyone at the school is fantastic and close! i most definitely recommend it!