School Reviews

I was a student there and before I came there my gpa was 2.8 and when I left with a 3.2 so I guess that's good but hat gpa was not worth what I had to encounter at that school

All three of my children attend(ed) PSDC. Overall I am pleased with our experience. The staff is very small, which I like. With a small staff I am able to know every face and feel my children are/were safe. The operations of the school are not very future forward and lack innovation. However, the feel of the environment is very "small town." It almost feels like homeschooling in my opinion. I strongly believe a lot of the problems that some parents have with the rules regarding uniforms, tardiness, etc. are because those particular parents lack structure and discipline themselves. There may be a lack of parental education there in that aspect because they simply cannot grasp or understand that rules define what is acceptable and what is not, therefore teach a person how to behave; respect, understanding, manners, etc. (commonly referred to as "home training") This shaping of behavior is critical in human development. Some of the upper grade level students have behavioral challenges but what teenager really doesn't? Overall, I believe the instructor's and staff are very good role models for the upper grades, lower grades, and early childhood. The staff really care. They work hard and do a lot to give the students opportunities for enrichment.

My child is the third child in my family to attend Preparatory School. My sister was one of the first students to attend PSDC. She is a college graduate with a bachelors degree. She attributes her academic success to the academic foundation she received from Preparatory School. Since my child starting attending PSDC three years ago, his math skills have dramatically improved. I have also noticed an increased confidence, self-respect, and pride. Suggesting that this school be closed or is not a good school is reckless. Parents need to participate and get involved not just complain and belittle a great institution.

I have read the other reviews an it saddens me that because the school expects both Student and Parent to follow a simple regulation about wearing the proper uniform, there is a problem. Well I do see a problem and that problem is that if this simply regulation cannot be followed no wonder there are discipline and disrespect issues displayed by some of the students. REGULATIONS ARE IMPLEMENTED TO TEACH DISCIPLNE AND RESPECT. When parents dismiss any rules set in place, then the children feel they do not have to follow ANY rules. Maybe some of the parents should try being the dictator in their homes and not their children's peer and there would not be the disrespect and discipline issues witnessed at all the schools in the DC, then the educators can get back to educating our children not parenting some.

This school has went down hill. There are plenty of free PCS/DCPS schools that are better choices. I would not recommend sending your child here. If you are like me and put in all the work in order to help your child get a scholarship to attend a Private school please do your research. I should have but did not. I recommend standing outside the school around 3 and talking to parents who are waiting for their children to be dismissed for the day. Also, I recommend observing the students after dismissal as these are the children your child will be going to school with. On many occasions I observed students cursing, being disrespectful, the young girls calling each other "female dogs" etc. The students know that their parents would not approve but they feel that they can get away with it at school. The school is extremely worried about whether your child has on the correct uniform shoes, tie, shirt, etc. and you will be charged $5 every time your child is not in full uniform. This school is ran like a dictatorship, the Dictator being its' principal. The staff including teachers will quietly voice their concerns regarding the principal if you ask them and promise not to quote them.

This school is absolutely a joke. This school focus more on the uniform policy than on the academics for these kids. The teacher is clearly not qualify to teach lessons that they are being paid to teach and the children is less engage with their lack of teaching. This school have the nerves to be a private school when in fact this school is worst than most public school in the district. The principal is very aggressive to the younger children and that truly bothers me. If you are looking for a school with high academics level, PSDC is not for you. If you are looking for a school base on uniform structures, then PSDC is your choice. There priority of a school has not met my expectation and this school needs to come to a closure.