School Reviews

The new facility enhances the high morale which in turn has lead to eager children and motivated staff. The results are beginning to show in test scores. Parents and staff are building a strong community based school.

The only good news is that this is not our assigned school. If it were we would definitely not continue here!!

This school is excellent! My child is receiving such a great education in a very socially and culturally diverse environment. The dual language model is incredible, the staff is so friendly and inviting to new families, and the new plan for renovations to the building is really exciting. The staff, parents, and community are clearly invested in the success of the school. They have innovative ways of providing services and activities to the kids. Art, Music, Tennis, Soccer, Snowboarding, just to name a few I cannot stress enough what a great choice this school would be for any child!

Marie Reed is an ethnically, racially and socioeconomically diverse community that supports the needs of all students. I have loved working here and have enjoyed getting to know the teaching and parent community. My colleagues are excellent and all have impressive pedagogical knowledge; I know that all kids are getting a great education regardless of their classroom teacher. I am continually pushed to become a better teacher because of the connections I've made with my students and families. Every staff member makes an effort to help every child in the school. I am lucky to be part of the Marie Reed family!

The school is really friendly, the preschool teachers are amazing and the prinicipal is extremely involved in improving things at the school Their curriculum is very nice and children seem to really enjoy their time there.

This school has been amazing for our kindergartener. The dual-language program is invaluable for Spanish immersion, and the curriculum is challenging and engaging. Our teacher has been at this school for 22 years, yet still has all the energy of a 5-year-old! The kids adore her, and so do we. The building is a bit outdated, but the facilities offer so many great options - a pool, a basketball court, tennis courts, and our brand new soccer field - not to mention two separate playgrounds. They have a partnership with Fillmore Arts Center for half-day art and music every week, in addition to on-site art classes. The principal is heavily involved in the school community, and has been very responsive to all of our questions and issues. And all of the staff are quick to reach out and help or just say 'hi' whenever we're in the building. More and more families in the neighborhood are choosing to go to Marie Reed; it's the best little school you've never heard of. We love it!