School Reviews

My daughter is in PK at Bridges, and we just love it. She is learning a ton in a fun, child-centered environment. I love that the teachers create month-long teaching themes based on what the kids express an interest in. It is a real play-based program where the kids learn to love learning through play. I am excited to be a part of a school that does such a good job of meeting each child where he or she is. The school is also incredibly organized, with a fantastic director and principal. The best part is that now that the school is expanding, my daughter can get a top-quality education at one of the most diverse schools in DC through 5th grade (definitely not the case at my local DCPS).

I love Bridges!! At first I was apprehensive to send my 3 yo Daughter to a school located in a commercial strip mall-like setting but, after meeting the teachers and staff and other parents - i couldn't be happier. They're learning to walk outside (they have no playground and have to walk 1 1/2 blocks to the nearest) and cross the street - as all city kids should learn to do. The teachers and assistant's are very attentive - small classes; and instruction is curtailed to each child's learning level. The school is also very diverse - which was important for me.

I am a parent of a PK3 Penguin from last year 2012-13. My son LOVED going to Bridges and thrived. It is a small school with a tremendous staff of caring, smart, knowledgeable staff. As the youngest in his PK3 class he was hesitant. It was his first experience in school outside his small daycare setting. The focus in the classroom was on learning and fun and love and support. He got a lot of all four. In the classroom there was a teacher and an aide for a class of about 16 (plus ancillary support people). The teacher had great credentials and experience and the aide came with 20+ years in DCPS. They were both professional, caring and skilled at managing and teaching all things toddler. The classroom was super organized with lots of things to experience...and then they brought in more:butterflies, science Friday, art projects, number fun, engaging reading. They went on extensive Field trips throughout DC and played outside everyday. The focus is inclusion and there were kids with challenges in the class, who all the other children accepted and supported with grace. I could not have asked for a better space for my child to feel supported in his learning.

I always had the though, to have my daughters in a charter school because of so many good comments I heard about this school. My daughter turned 3 years when she started at Bridges and she still in it, now in 2013 she s in kindergartner, I love the fact that she s is very smart and learns everything so fast. She loves the school and she is very advance in her education than where she s supposed to be of her age. Everyday she learns something new and she gets 4 smiley faces. I'm so glad and happy that Bridges will extend the grades until grade 5. Until than I can have my oldest daughter while her young sister start just like she did one day. Thanks Bridges for all the hard and good work you are giving to our children's, Thanks for your excellent education.

Our non-special needs son is in his second PS/PK year at Bridges and has really thrived. As another parent says, because all students are evaluated often, we get thorough reports from teachers. What's more, thanks to this, small class sizes and an astute teacher, our son has been given assignments tailor-made for his skill level. Our son loves Bridges and his teachers. The Web site could be better for sure, but otherwise, it's been a great experience.

Our child is currently in PS3. We chose Bridges over two other "top" DC Charter schools and we have been thrilled with our choice. It's a great school. Our child (not special needs) has thrived there. Because they are constantly evaluating all the students progress, not just special needs students, I feel like we get really high quality reports from the teachers about how our child is progressing (already reading at 3!?) The teachers are amazing and the focus on little learners is wonderful. While the facility is not as nice as some other schools we felt like Bridges excellence in early childhood education was well worth the trade off. And of course the fact that they are expanding and moving more over to Sharpe is a bonus. Also, I love the diversity--kids with special needs, kids from lots of other countries, kids with two moms, black, white, adopted, latino, asian etc. etc. It's pretty amazing. Just this morning my child was urging my wife to hurry up, because she wanted to get to school! She loves it and so do we. They could do a better job marketing (via a better website or otherwise). I joke with my wife that it is the best little charter school you've never heard of.

Our son has thrived at this school. The teachers and staff are excellent, and it is a warm and intimate community of families. They have a wonderful inclusion model, and my typically developing child has been both nurtured and challenged, and has learned so much and grown tremendously in his pre-school year. We love it!

My daughter has been attending this school for the last two years and I love it and she loves it as well.. She enjoys all the learning activities and how the teachers interact with the students and we work together to make the learning process a success. My daughter loves going to school to learn and to also learn with her classmates as well. I'm so excited and I love to hear what she is learning each day when she comes home and tells me what she has done and to see her work too. We look forward to the next school year when she attends Kindergarten and beyond. I want to thank the school principal Ms. Olivia, all teachers and staff for all your hard-work and support for teaching our children here at Bridges PCS you make our kids learning experience a success. Love you all.

Our son started last year at Bridges and we have been really pleased with the learning environment and the quality of teaching.

Our girl has been with Bridges 2 years now and we love the school! All our concerns have been timely and extensively addressed. Our daughter has bloomed in this school. They assess the kids at the beginning of the school year, and work with them based on that evaluation. As a result of our 2 years with Bridges our daughter has achieved milestones of a 6 years/old, and she is in Pre-K. We highly recommend the school!