School Reviews

My son is in the headstart program for PK-3, so this is our first year with this school. There are many reasons why we are very glad we had the opportunity to enroll him on Bruce Monroe. First, because he is being educated in a bilingual, immersive environment, and after almost a year his Spanish is pretty good. Secondly, the school is small and very family oriented. All parents are pretty involved in the school's events and very active and interested in their kid's education. The staff is incredibly helpful, polite and approachable. I was surprised that they called all the students by their names. Almost every day, the director or the assistant director are at the school's door to greet the students as they come in. I have never dealt with them closely, but I heard other parents say that they are very friendly and take parents concerns very seriously. Thirdly, the teachers are extremely dedicated, very friendly and very well trained. My kid's English teacher got a Fullbright to study Pre-K playful education in Europe and his Spanish teacher got an important PCS award for his teaching and involvement with the community. Overall, we are very pleased with the school.

I had the pleasure of substitute teacher at Bruce-Monroe Elementary School @ Park View and found it to be an invigorating experience. To describe the school in a few words, safe, inviting, team as well as family oriented. From the Principle who greets me every time with a smile and compliment to the cafeteria staff who are eager to provide students with nourishment. Not to mention the dedicated the teachers who check in with me every chance they have and are willing to assist at any moment. I truly welcome the opportunity to substitute teach there again

This is my first year at Bruce Monroe@Park View. This is a very nice school, with plenty of fine students and teachers, a helpful Principal and Assistant Principal and a very beautiful building. All the instructional team is always working towards getting better and better in all respects. The atmosphere is very good. It is a nice place to work in. Of course we are struggling with some issues, so -luckily- there is still a lot of room for improvement, and you can always see how everyone is doing his/her best to get the most of everybody everyday.

My daughter is in this school and she is always so enthusiast about attending daily, constantly referring to her teachers and often sharing her learning experiences with people around her. I have found the school always respectful and supportive to help us parents in the education of our children (which is, of course, our responsibility).

Bruce Monroe si asesore, teachers are dedicated, giving extra time without a pay to make sure students make grow in both languages. My daughter is now reading beginning of second grade, she is in 1st and started reading below grade level. Now she is above in both languages. In math the curriculum use Singapure Math and she loves math and she knows math. Gracias por todo lo que hacen por Los ni os

My children is in the 4th grade,she start with Parkview and the school change the name Bruce Monroe so in all she has been there for 6 an parent i feel that Bruce Monroe is a out standing school the teacher's are great with students,My child knows how to speak spanish now ,SO OVER ALL IF YOU LOOKING FOR A GOOD SCHOOL PICK BRUCE MONROE @PARKVIEW THIS SCHOOL HAS EVERYTHING THAT YOUR CHILD NEEDS.

Bruce Monroe @ Park View uses innovative curricula to push students to higher levels of achievement and to find more effective ways to reach students. The teachers are caring and collaborate constantly to ensure that every child receives the best education possible. We strive to create bilingual and bi-literate citizens of our local and global community.

Great schools for children to learn and achieve. Great Students, great teachers, great administration, great support staff, great parents, great community. All are invited to come and observe how our school provides excellent education to its children.

Great Dual Language Program: English/Spanish! Excellent teachers and a caring Principal. I recommend this school.