School Reviews

I'm an alum of this school, and I graduated in 2016. My entire experience here was great. My older brother is also an alum. What the school does best is it lets kids focus on what they like. My brother focused mostly on math; consequently, he's ahead by a year of the rest of his current grade in math. I focused more on writinng things, and the creativity from writing my own little book has stuck with me. Great school, though don't transfer your kids from another school into it. It's best if a child goes there from at least 1st grade.

CFMS has great potential--a beautiful surrounding (albeit a cemetary), nice classrooms and great Montessori materials. However, inexperienced teachers in the primary and an administration that is unwilling to accept that they aren't perfect and respond to parent concerns makes this not a great choice. The academics in primary are sub par--kids spend a great deal of time on practical life lessons (as opposed to reading, writing and arithmetic as one would expect by the last year of primary) and teachers are slow to recognize when children have real learning disabilities. The serious work begins in lower elementary, where the teacher is stellar. However lower elementary has upwards of 34 kids in a small classroom, which is even a bit much for montessori. And second grade is often a little late to find out that your kid has a learning disability. Anyone seeking a good Montessori program would be better off at a public program like Lee or Shining Stars where there is accountability even in the earliest grades. And good parochials provide good religous education. I love Montessori but not the way it is done at CFMS.

We are on our second year at CFMS and are thrilled to be a part of such an amazing school. Our son's teachers are the best. The school is just beautiful and was newly renovated just a couple years ago. The kids get lots of outdoor play time in a gorgeous tree filled surrounding campus. My son even bakes in the kitchen that each classroom has and tends garden. The upper school kids eat lunch outside on nice days. There are so many things that thrill us about this school. Our son and his schoolmates have been instilled with a real sense of responsibility and caring for others. He is allowed to use his creativity and is to be self guiding in how he learns. He is like a little sponge and can't get enough class time. We've have seen him grow in so many ways since he started at 4 and we're grateful to his teachers and the administrators for educating and caring for him as person. He is in the perfect school for our family.