School Reviews

My kid he going this school teachers they are the beast and the direcer she is strong all the staff i fill like my families thank you .

Great school! My daughter really enjoys her days and the administration is very passionate and dedicated to the school. They could do better at Parent Communication, but their primary responsibility is to the kids and they do an excellent job in my opinion.

Staff is okay. This is my child's neighborhood school, and not our primary choice. We really dislike the lack of communication with the teacher, especially during pickup at 4pm. We cannot chat with the teacher or TA to see what things our son did in school. There is also a very weak sick policy put in place, allowing parents to bring their children to school very ill, infecting other children with thier illness. Administration say they will address this issue, but have yet to make any changes. Okay school for the most part, we're pulling our son back in the school lottery again, if he's not picked were going to have to pay for a private school education. Barnard is an okay school with very poor policies.

Great school ,the staff is excellent and always care about the children's progress my daughter attended the school from kindergarten to 5th grade will recommend it to anybody

My children attended Barnard from pre-k - 2 grade, & I could not be happier that they are gone. Though they do have some quality educators, the school's progress is stifled by the rude and overbearing Principal, Dr. Reid. The children that attend this school have limited opportunities to learn outside of the classroom (0-1 field trip per year), NO opportunity to learn instruments and limited opportunity to learn a language (only available for prek & k). Meanwhile, they dissuade parental involvement (my husband, who is an IT professional, offered to build a website for FREE 4 years ago- we were told no, but note that the school still has no website) and can't seem to streamline communication. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I do not believe that they truly put children first. My daughter, who has a learning disability, struggled while at Barnard. I was told repeatedly by their special education team that she was fine, or at worst only slightly behind. Within two weeks at a different school, her academic deficiencies were noted by her teacher & the special Ed team. I see marked improvement already, and thank my lucky stars everyday that we were able to leave this school.

Wow I must say after reading the reviews I must be missing something. My daughter came from a Ross Elementary and Basis Charter School and we transferred to Barnard because of my job status change. I was excited about the year ahead but have mixed feelings. I do not feel my daughter has been taught to the standards I am use to seeing for her. Expections would be her English teacher and Social Studies teacher.- As a single Parent I cannot not be all the parent night meetings but do email regularly and have had her English teacher be the only one to respond to my concerns where my daughter is concerned. There is a disconnect with the other teachers- I find certian style of teachings lacking the passion the enthusiam my daughter is use to from her previous schools and therefore a lost of interest. Now regardless of who the teacher is this momma bear is much harder on her then anyone else can be and homework gets done regardless- I went from Upper Middle Class to Low income family because of my job status. And have noticed the difference in how a family is treated in not just the school aspect and that attitude has got to change. Quality Education should be for everyone

Barnard Elementary School is a phenomenal school with many things to offer. Principal Reid and her staff work very hard to ensure that every child learns at their level and their pace in spite of all of the testing that students and teachers face! Be on the lookout! This school's data will blow your socks off in the next years to come!

Barnard ES is a very nurturing school where children love to come. I like the fact that my child's needs are always considered and the teachers are never too busy to discuss my concerns about my child. I would like to see more language supports for ESL parents. There is a class, but more parents need to take advantage of it. I have been here for six years now and I am so glad I found this school. Some of my friends transferred to this school when they visited with me.Parents are really like partners not bystanders. Our input is received and children are given what they need to grow academically. Hey, they even had Saturday school, extended day and other programs to support high flyers and struggling students.

My school has a very nurturing, loving academic environment which strives to meet each child at his/her academic level to achieve mastery.

As a revious student I, Myself can say that Barnard Elementary school has prepared me for my current success as a 10th grade student. They Offer wonderful electives and have ground breaking teachers, Mrs.Sharon F. McCrea to name just one. As a student of many schools and teachers I can say that this school has a staff that actually cares about its students not only education but overall well being and happiness.